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Welcome to Phuket ;

Please enjoy the sightseeing with the fun of getting a tattoo

There are lots of sightseeing spots, shopping, Tours and delicious food & drink also in Phuket. So We will introduce some famous things. Please enjoy the sightseeing with the fun of getting a tattoo.

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There are 40 beaches in Phuket.

Wake up Tattoo is located in the area of Patong Beach where many shops are lining up.
Shopping, swimming, fancy bar, everything is complete so it is recommended for families and couples everyone.

At Phuket 101 site, all the beaches including Patong Beach are introduced.
Please look at the website. You can find your favorite beach in Phuket, Patong.

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Shopping is one of  favorite things when traveling.

There are many shopping malls in Phuket. Among them,  shopping mall  Jungceylon"  is  the biggest shopping mall in the Patong area. A lots of  tourists come Jungceylon every day. Wake up Tattoo is a 3-minute walk from Jungceylon.

Please come to Wake up Tattoo after shopping.

And Please pick it up from hotels.comwebsite.

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In order to enjoy Phuket, let's go on a tour.

There are a lots of tours about Private Sightseeing Tours, Jet Boats & Speed Boats, Kayaking & Canoeing, Cultural Tours, Kid Friendly Tours & Activities in Phuket.

Please choose tour from tyipadvisor website.

You can see a lot of tour introductions the tripadvisor website.

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Do you eat Thai food for the first time?

We will introduce this site" "for the first person to eat Thai food. offers some guidelines for the Thai cuisine beginner. Please enjoy eating and drinking in Phuket. 

And  the famous restaurant with delicious food and drink has been introduced here " tripadvisor ".

Let's go to eat there!

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