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Clean Tattoo studio in Patong Beach,Phuket | プーケットタトゥー店

Our Japanese staff clean every day and thoroughly managing the hygiene of Wake up Tattoo Phuket.

In Wake up Tattoo Phuket, we have two beds and one big cot, and a chair for back tattooing.

So, you can come with your friend and get tattoos at the same time.

We will secure talented guest artists, if you come to the studio with someone or more people and want to get tattoos at the same time, please inform us of it.

If you start getting tattoos at the same time, you can save your valuable time of your trip.




Wake up Tattoo entrance - 大きな窓のあるプーケットタトゥー店

The front entrance and a part of the inside the studio is made of glass, so you can get tattoos with an open atmosphere. (It is blur from outside so please do not worry.)