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Patong Tattoo Studio Wake up Tattoo Phuket

The Tattoo Studio is  Wake up Tattoo Phuket


How do you choose a place you get tattoo in Patong?

There are many tattoo shops in Patong Phuket, such as Phuket Big famous tattoo studio and small studio. And a lot of famous tattoo artists are waiting for you. But There are some exceptional cases that are hiring the inexperienced staff in. That is why We have something we would like to tell the most. Instead of choosing by the name of the famous tattoo studio in Patong Phuket, you should choose that by an artist. As one criterion, choosing a studio where the owner himself is an artist, is sure to do superlative tattoo. And The Tattoo Studio is Wake up Tattoo Phuket! You can get superlative tattoo by the owner.

First of all, please look his works.


Thanks a million

Thank you for choosing Wake up Tattoo Phuket from among many tattoo studios in Patong, Phuket.

We offer 15 % discount to express our gratitude

I met a lot of smiles in Wake up Tattoo Phuket.

Your smile makes me happy.


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so Please come to see me at wake up tattoo

When you come back to Phuket, Patong Thailand.

I would like to check your tattoo by me

and talk together about your life with your tattoo.

I would like to say to you Welcome back Patong and Wake up Tattoo Phuket !!

Wake up Tattoo information

About Owner-Artist

Tattooing Professionally  for 22 years. I originally come from Thailand and have studied tattoo art for 18 years in Thailand and Korea before opened my tattoo studio. then I finally opened Wake up Tattoo in Patong Phuket Thailand 2016......

About Wake up Tattoo

Several years since opening, we will continue to grow with Wake up Tattoo Phuket in the future......

About clean studio, hygiene management system

A Japanese staff who kept clean every day at Wake up Tattoo Phuket. so the most comfortable shop in Patong area......        We are thorough about hygiene management, so you can get your tattoo safely. We will show you all before we do your tattoo.....

About tattoo aftercare

How to tattoo aftercare ? Advice by owner of Wake up Tattoo Phuket.......

About price

How much do tattoo cost?How to make a booking with us?about deposit...etc.....

Tattoo Q & A

We responded to questions about tattoos and reservations and payment ...etc.....

About Phuket

There are lots of sightseeing spots, shopping, Tours and delicious food & drink also in Phuket. So we will introduce some famous things with explaining site " tripadvisor "and " ". Please enjoy the sightseeing with the fun of getting a tattoo.




Food & Drink

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74/22 Soi Banzaan Nanai Rd Patong Beach Kathu Phuket 83150 Thailand


+66(0) 84 878 5875

<Thai and English> Name : Pu

+66(0) 93 910 7628

<English and Japanese> Name : Midori


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