tattoo Q&A ;

We responded to questions about tattoos and reservations and payment ...etc.

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    Dose getting a tattoo painful?

    Pain varies from part to part.

    The most painful part is soft part of skin. For example, Inner Arm and Stomach. However, no one has stopped pain.

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    Is there anesthetic?

    Sorry, no have it in Wake up Tattoo.

    I'll play it by ear, depending on how your body reacts. so please do not worry.

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    Can I swim in the sea after getting a tattoo?

    You can not swim in the sea for a week. Because there are bacteria in the ocean. So please schedule getting a tattoo before leaving in Phuket.

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    Can I swim in the pool?

    Yes, you can swim.

    But please do not swim for a long time. And please dry the tattoo well after enjoying swimming.

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    Can I get a tattoo If I get sunburn?

    Yes, But sometimes it is impossible.

    Skin peeled off, have blisters...etc.

    Because ink does not enter the skin well

    so no good for tattoos. Please do not suntan too much.

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    How to tattoo aftercare?

    It is introduced about how to tattoo aftercare on this page.


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    I have a image in my head, but no have design. so Can you make design for me?

    Of course, Yes. I can make it.

    So please tell me your image or If you have a design close to your image, please send it to Wake up Tattoo Phuket by Email.

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    Can you remove my tattoo?

    I am sorry, I can not do it. I can do for cover up to another design.

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    I don't like my tattoo, so Can you change another design?

    Of course, Yes.

    But in order to cover up beautifully, you need to carefully choose new design.

    Let 's talk your new design together.

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    "How much do tattoo cost?"

    It is introduced about how much do tattoo cost on this page.


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    Do I need an appointment?

    The customers who are booked have a priority to be served.  But It is possible to walk in.  If I am working on another customer please wait and I’ll do my best to take care of you as soon as I can.

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    How can I pay?

    You can pay by credit card : 3.5%fee (VISA, Master, JCB, Union) or cash (Thai bath).

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    Can I get a refund ?

    I’m afraid that We cannot get refund "deposit" and "after done your tattoo". But We would like to do until you love it. So Please come to Wake up Tattoo then I check your tattoo. It's free If need to retouch.

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