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Thanks a million

Thank you for choosing Wake up Tattoo Phuket from among many tattoo studios in Patong, Phuket.

We offer 15 % discount to express our gratitude

↓ Please see below for the details ↓

  • Booking Period

    Application period is as follows=


    Dec 1th, 2019

                ~Dec 31th, 2019

    (Not applicable : Customers already reserved)

  • How to make a booking

    =How to Book is 2 type=

    ①Booking from wakeup.tattoo.phuket@gmail.com


    ②Booking from

    message of Facebook

    Please tell us When walk-In*

    <Self-reporting system>

  • Discount Price

    You can get 15% discount on your price 3.000 Bath and over

    (Bamboo No discount)

    =For example=

    2.500 bath → NO DISCOUNT

    3.000 bath → DISCOUNT

    *If It's 20.000 bath → 17.000 bath*

  • Booking procedure

    ①Please send message to us

    (Schedule and design etc)

    ②To discuss about design, schedule, deposit


    ③We will send you a booking number after confirmation

    ④Tell us your booking number when you come to Wake up Tattoo

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Please make a Booking
before FULL!!

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