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"How much do tattoo Prices?"

Prices are determined based on the design, size and colors.

(We do not take hourly basis payment.)

Compared to getting a tattoo(s) on an hourly basis, the price will be clear,

so you do not need to worry about the estimation

in Wake up Tattoo Phuket in Patong.

<minimum charge>

<Cigarette case size>

<CD jacket size>


​<A4 size>

<Full arm>

<Full leg>

<Full back>

1.000 baht

4.000 baht〜

6.000 baht〜

10.000 baht〜

19.000 baht〜

40.000 baht〜

60.000 baht〜

60.000 baht〜

Prices above could change depending on how detailed the tattoo design will be or what tattoo colors will be used. So please keep in mind that the price above is standard estimations.

The final price will be determined after discussing the design and the tattoo size during the consultation in Wake up Tattoo Phuket in Patong. We do not negotiate prices via messages or phone calls, so please bear in mind that we discuss prices only in the Wake up Tattoo Phuket on Patong.

"Do I need to pay a deposit?"

A deposit is required when you book an appointment with Wake up Tattoo Phuket in Patong.

A deposit fluctuates based on the price, but usually one third of the price has to be paid in advance. 

That is to secure the artist’s time and the tattoo operation space. Thank you for your understanding.

Rest assured that we will offset the deposit with the price after you get your tattoo.

Please note that the deposit will not be refunded if the appointment gets canceled by customers’ personal circumstancesin Wake up Tattoo Phuket in Patong.

Rescheduling the time and the date is available as long as your preferred time and date is not booked by other customers.

Please note that even if tattooing cannot be complete due to customers’ personal circumstances, there is a possibility that all of your price still has to be paid.

The payment of a deposit is required at the time of booking.

Please remember that without a deposit, we cannot guarantee time and artist’s availability.

=Payment method=

Payment can be done by cash or credit card. Please note that 5% commission fee will be added with credit card payment.

If you want to pay a deposit in advance, you can pay with PayPal, banks (Bank of Thailand or Bank of Japan)

"Please feel free to contact us."

Wake up Tattoo Phuket

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