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How to Tattoo Aftercare ?

Advice by owner of Wake up Tattoo Phuket


I have plenty of understanding about tattoos. So I know best what is  necessary to aftercare of the newly tattoo. So please listen to me advice when you got the tattoo.


Apply a plastic bandage on the tattoo after you got the tattoo. An hour later, you can get rid of it. Then you have to give your skin more air to heal.


Gently wash the tattoo with warm water, But don't use soap about 7 days after got the tattoo.


Apply some ointment or lotion to soften, moisten the tattoo about 4 days after got the tattoo. But don't too much use, just cover the tattoo. Do you know Bepanthen Plus crem? You can buy it everywhere at pharmacy in Patong. Of couse you can also buy it near Wake up Tattoo studio. It is Very Good for tattoos. Then Please apply cream once a day until the tattoo drying is over.


If you have question or worry about the tattoo, please come to Wake up Tattoo or send message from here>>


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