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How do you choose a place you get tattoo in Patong?

How would you choose a tattoo studio out of them?

The most important factor when choosing a tattoo studio is whether they have a tattoo artist who has advanced skills with extensive experience.

That is exactly Wake up Tattoo Phuket in Patong.

Wake up Tattoo Phuket is a tattoo studio established in 2016 by Pu Thailand, a tattoo artist who has been working in the field of tattoo for 24 years. The shop is loved by oversea customers as well as local customers for they can get top quality tattoos in Patong. Wake up Tattoo Phuket handles a wide variety of tattoo styles from Japanese one to western one.

“Tattoo is a lifetime partner.”

In our studio, every time we give tattoos to our customers, we take time to create designs with a belief that we will create a lifelong art. And we are the studio that makes it happen because we value comfort and trust. Versatile designs such as Black & Grey, color style, traditional Thai tattoo are available.

First of all, please look his works.