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Yant Suea Khlong | Sak Yant | Wake up Tattoo Phuket

Yant Suea Khlong - Sak Yant - Wake up Tattoo Phuket in Patong

タイの伝統刺青デザイン”Sak Yant/サクヤン”をお選び頂きましてありがとうございます。

Although they are usually called “Sak Yant” tattoos, they can also be referred to as “Thai Traditional” or “Bamboo” tattoos.

What is a Sak Yant tattoo? - Wake up Tattoo Phuket

Sak Yant tattoo consists of sacred geometrical, animal, or deity designs, which are accompanied by Pali phrases that offer the bearer of the tattoo magical benefits, such as:

Power, Protection, Fortune, Charisma.

=Yant Suea Khlong(ヤント スア クローン)=

This yant represents power and protection.

It is said to protect the one who wears it from danger and harm, make them invincible and give them extreme powers over others.

It is believed grant power over one’s subordinates, make people show you great respect, obey your will and fear your glory.




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